Beach Replenish Project Update – 10/4/17

Let the sand begin!  Here is an update on the Beach Replenishment Project for Mantoloking as of 10/417:
  • The Contractor anticipates to commence with sand installation over the next day or so.  The sub-line (piping that extends from the beach to the dredge) has been installed and is currently awaiting the arrival of the cutter-head dredging vessel;
  • It will take approximately 7 days to complete the base pad/ landing site near the end of Herbert Street.  Upon completion, the beachfill activities will progress South from Herbert Street in 1,000 feet increments;

Beach Fill Project Update No. 1

Dear All:
The Beach-fill project is about to begin!  Hopefully by September 9th, sand will begin to be pumped to our beaches.  The contractor has already laid pipe and will begin moving offshore equipment after Labor Day (Some of the heavy equipment is already staged at Lyman).  We will send pictures and provide updates as new information becomes available.  Once we get a firm date on the start, we will let everyone know— so wherever you are, you can make a toast to those who helped us get the project and to the workers that are completing the project (may they be efficient and, most important, safe).   Looking forward to seeing a lot more sand in Mantoloking.  It has been a long time coming. 
  • The Contractor expects to mobilize and be in place to start pumping sand by September 9.  They may start a day or two earlier or later depending on the weather;

Beach and Dune Committee Update

A quick update on where things stand with the beach.  1) Survey work is underway and it looks like the project may begin in Mantoloking on or around Labor Day weekend; and 2) Judge Ford ruled on the case that challenged the DEP’s ability to proceed with eminent domain on properties with the rock revetment (For those who love to read lengthy Legal Opinions, it is attached).  Judge Ford’s ruling was favorable for the project to continue.  What this means is that, assuming that the State proceeds with the Eminent domain proceedings against 11 Falls LLC (which there is no indication they will not), the State will have all of the properties needed to complete the project for the entire Borough.  We will continue to work with the State, USACE and the Contractor to get all of the project done for Mantoloking in one shot, but no promises.

$128M Contract Awarded for Northern Ocean County Beach Replenishment Work

Please see the attached link for the $128m Contract Awarded for Northern Ocean County Beach Replenishment Work.

Beach Replenishment Update

Attached are the plans that the Army Corps of Engineers sent out to bidders late last month.  The bids were due back on October 26th, but the Corps pushed the date back to November 15th (which we learned happens all the time if the bidders have questions that require more time to address).  The plans also include the options that were discussed at the last Council meeting.  As mentioned before, we continue to work with all stakeholders to make sure that when the project begins, Mantoloking will be included in its entirety.

Chris Nelson