Important Message

The Borough of Mantoloking participates in the Community Rating
System (CRS) under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  The
Borough has achieved a rating of class 5, resulting in a total premium
reduction of 25% for every policy written for Mantoloking homeowners.

The CRS is a voluntary program for NFIP-participating communities to
reduce flood damages to insurable property and encourage a
comprehensive approach to floodplain management by providing incentives
in the form of premium discounts for communities that go beyond the
minimum floodplain management requirements and take extra measures to
provide protection from flooding. The program benefits all residents by
increasing flood protection, awareness, and prevention.  In efforts to
aid in the application of these measures, please find attached the
Flood Protection and Coastal Storm Safety for the Borough of 
Mantoloking” brochure for more information.

Muskrat Jack informs us of a k-9 distemper epidemic in raccoons.

He has picked up and euthanized 5 raccoons in PPB, in the last week with k-9 distemper, and indicated that it has spread to surrounding towns. Symptoms mimic rabies; raccoons acting strange during daylight hours. His concerns are that distemper is highly contagious, and spread airborne. He asked that anyone encountering a raccoon exhibiting this behavior, call the police immediately so they can dispatch him asap. Also, as a precaution, make sure your pets are up to date on all their vaccinations.

Regular Council Meeting Agenda and Attachments for October 16, 2018

Attached please find the agenda and attachments for the upcoming October 16, 2018 Regular Council Meeting.

Environmental Commission Meeting Minutes – September 2018

Attached please find the minutes for the September 2018 Environmental Commission meeting.

Beach Replenishment Update

At this morning’s meeting of the ACOE, DEP and Weeks Marine we were told that we will we working with one hopper dredge until c. November 6th and then we will have another come so there will be two for the remainder on the project. One good thing about hoppers is that they are self-contained dredges so are able to work when the weather deteriorates to some degree unlike the cutter dredges that have pipe along the ocean floor.

The contractor is heading south for another 1,300 feet and then will flip and work north. For the current part of this project we have received 259,356 cubic yards of sand with 722,644 cy to go.