Important announcement from the Mayor!

“Good news-

I am pleased to report the that the town has received the Certificate of Occupancy for the new Borough Hall. This will bring to a conclusion all the necessary paper work that was needed for the project.

This is wonderful news for Mantoloking and is only possible through the very diligent work of many people who worked together to bring about this result.

To those people, we say thank you.


Mayor White”

Important Message concerning the CRS program.

The borough of Mantoloking participates in the Community Rating System (CRS) under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The Borough has achieved a rating of class 5, resulting in a total premium reduction of 25% for every policy written for Mantoloking homeowners.

The CRS is a voluntary program for NFIP-participating communities to reduce flood damages to insurable property and encourage a comprehensive approach to floodplain management by providing incentives in the form of premium discounts for communities that go beyond the minimum floodplain management requirements and take extra measures to provide protection from flooding. The program benefits all residents by increasing flood protection, awareness and prevention. In efforts to aid in the application of these measures, please find the attached, the “Flood Protection and Coastal Storm Safety for the Borough of Mantoloking” brochure for more information.

Agenda and Attachments – October 15, 2019 Council Meeting

Attached please find the agenda and attachments for the upcoming October 15th Council Meeting.

Council Meeting Update: Fire Trucks


Please be advised that there will be discussion about the likely sale of the Mantoloking Fire Department’s aerial fire truck and purchase of another different model truck at the Council meeting next Tuesday, October 15th at 5:30. The reasons for this decision (if approved by Council) will be presented.  Any questions about this are most welcome.

Thank you.


Mayor White

Environmental Commission Minutes – September 2019

Attached please find the Environmental Commission minutes for September 2019.