Council Meeting Agenda and Attachments – September 19, 2017

Attached please find the agenda and attachments for the upcoming September 19, 2017 council meeting.

Beach and Dune Ordinance To Be Introduced in October

The revised Beach and Dune Ordinance will not be introduced this month but will be introduced in October. The reason for this is that it is not quite finished but will be this week. It is important that everyone have time to read it and then we will have comments/discussion with residents and Bob Mainberger. With the beach delayed a week because of the storms there is no reason to introduce any earlier than needed. Please contact Councilman White with any comments or questions. Thank you.

Notice of Special Planning Board Meeting Regard Master Plan – September 21st – Mantoloking Fire House

A special Planning and Zoning Board meeting will be held at the Mantoloking Fire House at 6:30PM on Thursday, September 21st.  The agenda and formal notice are attached.

Route 35 Planting Update


  1. The 4 dead trees at the north end of the borough have been removed  by the DOT

and will be replanted by the DOT this Fall.


  1. The 3 dead trees at Williams Place will be removed and replanted by the DOT this Fall.


  1. Consistent  with DOT policy, homeowners can plant trees with NO  DOT participation

along their property on Route 35.  They will bear all liability for any damage to utility lines.


  1. Lastly, if the homeowner chooses to sign an entry form to allow the DOT entry to plant,

Pinelands Commission “Pipeline” Meeting Rescheduled for September 14th

The message below is from the Pinelands Preservation Alliance.  The decisions of the Pinelands Commissions affect the bay that we live on, around, and play in and on!  Full details can be found here.