Message from the Mayor

Hello Everyone,

     Please know that I am not trying to deluge you with my messages but the conditions regarding the COVID-19 virus are very fluid. Some rules and regulations are changing every day.

    The Community Development Authority, which governs different aspects of residential construction in our state, has come out with some new guidelines that are in effect immediately. You will see that this information has been posted on the website as well.  It is now possible for almost all areas of the construction process to undergo the appropriate inspections. This is very good news for our town.

Planning Board Time Change – April 2, 2020

Please see the Planning Board time change for the April 2-2020 meeting.

Planning Board Agenda – April 2, 2020 & Change in Meeting Time

Please see the attached agenda for the April 2, 2020 meeting.  Please note this meeting is a dial in only meeting.  No in person attendance.  Please use the following information to dial in.


(605) 313-5156



Message from the Mayor

Hello Everyone,

     I would like to point out that Governor Murphy has issued Executive Orders 107 and 108. You will find the link below and on the website. These are quite encompassing regarding what sorts of businesses are allowed to stay open, remaining home with direction on when you should leave and also the new law stating that gatherings and parties of any kind are forbidden until further notice.

Garbage and Recycling Update

Effective April 2, 2020 through September 24, 2020


Back Door Garbage Pick-up:        Monday and Thursday

Back Door Recycling:                     Wednesday

Bulk Pick-up:                                  4th Thursday of each month (at the curb)