Weather Update: Wednesday’s Storm

baflThe entire State of NJ had an inordinate amount of rain this past Wednesday and Thursday.  Unfortunately, Mantoloking also received a licking from a strong Nor’Easter.  During the Nor’Easter, we had one minor breach on East Avenue.  In Bay Head, water actually came over the rocks in one place.  This storm is a case study on why a replenished beach is needed— A steel wall or rocks alone will not do the trick— we need sand in front of any structure placed at the dune line.
As with all Nor’Easters, at the tail end, the wind shifts from North East to South.  A hardy South wind coupled with a full moon and high tide brought significant amounts of Bay flooding to town.  This flooding resulted in the closure of many of the side streets in town.  Although worrisome, this is a common event that we experienced for many, many years prior to Sandy.  The extent of flooding was also increased and prolonged by the ongoing DOT work in many parts of town.
The sun is now shining and hopefully this was the last storm of a very busy winter season!

Flood Mitigation Plan Update – 2013

The NFIP Flood Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee of Mantoloking Borough has completed their annual report of the objectives and goals for 2013/2014 of the Borough’s Flood Mitigation Plan. Members of the public are welcome to view the report as it is available here on the Borough’s website as well as available for viewing at the Borough Hall.

Storm Update – 6:00PM – 3/6/13

Mantoloking OEM & Police Department continue to watch the progress of the storm. We have made it through the first high tide without any washovers or breaches. The next high tide of concern is 3:08 AM Thursday morning. With wind gusts expected over 50 mph we ask that you watch for flying debris and sand. Use care in moving around the town as back bay flooding is always a concern. If the situation worsens overnight we will use the reverse 911 system to alert residents.

Thank You

Nemo Who?

The Borough fared a lot better than our friends in Beantown.  There was a little overwash on the ocean side and the bay came up an over in a few areas when the wind came around.  All things considered, we were pretty lucky… but then again, we could use a break.

Nemo and Less than 50%:


Winter Storm Nemo is blowing pretty hard down at the shore.  Our dunes seem to be holding and there is no snow as of 4pm.  Until this storm passes, please do not come into town unless you absolutely have to.  Please also check the website before you think about coming in

Less than 50%: Updated list:

Please see the updated Less than 50% list from the Borough Flood Plain Officer:  SCAN1493_000