October 2017 Environmental Commission Minutes

Attached please find the minutes for the October 2017 Environmental Commission meeting.

Fall Gardening – Environmental Commission Tip of the Month – October 2017

Once again, summer has passed and the cooler days are upon us. With this comes the die off of the perennials that populate our yards and the lush habitat that our friendly outdoor critters enjoy.

As we look out at the browning gardens, we immediately think about lopping, trimming, and cutting back all the dead flora.
Actually, much of this flora provides seeds, nourishment, and habitat for the wildlife through the cold season. Here are some examples of things you can do in your gardens and yards to promote a friendly environment for our winter wildlife:

Environmental Commission Minutes – August 2017

Attached please find the Environmental Commission meeting minutes for August 2017.

Pinelands Commission “Pipeline” Meeting Rescheduled for September 14th

The message below is from the Pinelands Preservation Alliance.  The decisions of the Pinelands Commissions affect the bay that we live on, around, and play in and on!  Full details can be found here.


Mantoloking Environmental Commission Tip of the Month – September 2017 – Recycling Update

Attached please find the Mantoloking Environmental Commission Tip of the Month for September 2017 – a Recycling Update.