MEC News: Pipelines Across New Jersey Questioned

An article about the risks of utility pipelines was recently published, titled “Warning: Unnecessary Pipelines Could Leave Consumers Holding the Bag.”  Closer to home, two pipeline proposals were recently sent back to the Pinelands Commission. We feel that these articles are worth reading – the Mantoloking Environmental Commission.

Environmental Tip of the Month – December 2016 – Holiday Do’s and Dont’s

Here you can find the December 2016 Tip of the Month from the Environmental Commission.

November MEC Tip of the Month: Mulching Re-visited

MULCHING RE-VISITED: The MEC’s very first tip-of-the month was this past April. That spring we spoke about mulching among other topics. Now, with colder weather coming, we want to talk about WINTER mulching, there are differences.  Please click here for all the details.

From the Environmental Commission: Southern Reliability Link Pipeline Alert

The Mantoloking Environmental Commission would like to bring the following hearing to your attention:
As stated in the Pinelands Preservation Alliance newsletter, this fossil fuel, pipeline, renewable energy website was launched by the NJ Conservation Foundation, the Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Assoc., the Pinelands Preservation Alliance and citizen leaders.
There will be a NJ DEP public hearing concerning key water permits for the Southern Reliability Link (SRL) pipeline on
Wednesday, Oct 19 and Thursday, Oct 20 at 4:30pm at the Bordentown Performing Arts Center at Bordentown Regional High School– 318 Ward Avenue, Bordentown, NJ  08505.
Things citizens can do who object or have concerns about additional pipelines (for us, especially, the one thru the Pinelands) is to : submit a letter to the Editor in local newspaper
 attend community events focusing on updates re: pipelines inform neighbors and friends meet with local elected representatives support “Safer Pipelines Act”– sign the petition

MEC Tip of the Month – Easy Ways to Live “Greener” – October 2016

Attached please find the Environmental Commission’s tip of the month for October – Easy Ways to Live “Greener.”