Steel Revetment Update – 9/25/2014

The sheet pile has been installed to Lyman Street. The driving machine has relocated to Princeton and is driving towards Albertson. Caps are being installed all along the sheet pile. Rocks are scheduled to be delivered by the second week in October to tie in the sheet pile to the current rock revetment at Lyman Street. The contractor will continue to work a 10 hour day, 6 days a week.

Steel Revetment update – 09/18/2014

Currently steel is being driven in the area of Lyman, where it will be stepped down to meet the rock revetment already in place. This Saturday, September 20th, the contractor plans on moving the driving machine south to where it left off in the area of Princeton. Installation of cap has begun in two areas, Downer working south and Herbert working north.

Steel Revetment Update – 9/11/14

Progress continues with the Sheet Pile project. This Saturday 9/13 no driving of sheet pile due to maintenance of equipment, but the contractor will be installing caps onto the sheet wall. The contractor anticipates being at the Lyman street end on or about Sept. 22 with delivery of rocks for tying in the wall and current rock revetment.

Steel Revetment Update – 9/4/14

The steel contractor EIC has started to work 12 hour days.  They will be driving steel from 6 AM to 6 PM daily, at 220 feet a day.  Currently there is only one machine working in Mantoloking and it is located in the area of Princeton.  That machine is going to continue approximately 100 feet to the south of Princeton and then be relocated to the north where the 2nd machine was located.  The contractor is projecting to be in the area of Lyman by the 3rd week of September, at which time they will also receive delivers of the rocks needed to tie into the already existing revetment.  After work is finished at Lyman the machine willmove back to the area of Princeton and continue south into Brick. The second phase of the project, the installation of caps has begun and once the contractor reaches 1000 feet he will start to place the scour apron.

Beach Access Update – 8/27/14

As of today, all the Boroughs beach accesses are open except Lyman Street.