Mantoloking & Hurricane Sandy

As promised, here is some information on the building as well as the tree lighting ceremony.

Building Dept. /DCA:

We are going to perform additional assessments starting soon. At this time we need to gather additional information – so you can begin to move forward.  Please allow the inspection teams access to your home to check for storm affected damage.  They will have DCA State ID badges. The height of water inside and outside is important as well.  If your home is locked, please post this information on your front door. We ask your cooperation by allowing them to move along without delays. There are many homes to check.

It may be necessary to pull electric meters, or cut the electric service at the pole – so that other homes can be re-energized.  This can reduce the risk of fire or injury due to the number of homes substantially damaged. Cutting lines will also help remove electric wiring dangers for the many demolitions that need to take place.

Most of the Mantoloking homes sustained sufficient damage that will necessitate having electrical work performed on the electrical systems. Once that work is performed (permits and inspections are required, however the fees for repairs are waived). That is when restoration of the service can be considered.

For those who have no electrical system concerns, please provide a letter to the DCA at Town Hall indicating that no water or physical damage occurred to your homes’ electrical systems – and that you would like an inspection to restore service. No permit is required if no work was performed.

Finally, everyone should POST their ADDRESS clearly at the base of their property as close to the street as possible.

Both homeowners and contractors should read the DCA informational links provided below:

This is the next step in a long recovery – and we are working along with the Boro Administration, OEM, Police and Fire. Any changes in the plan of action are a direct result of your best interest and safety. 

The DCA also provided some useful links on mold remediation.  Please read it carefully and make sure that your contractors are taking the right steps in protecting not only your property, but your health.

New EPA guidelines-

FEMA website on floods/flooding –

The American Red Cross –

Tree Lighting Ceremony:

The tree lighting ceremony will take place on at 5:00 pm Sunday the 16th, rain or shine. Please remember to bring your pass, otherwise you will not be allowed into town.  We have also invited our contractors– they will be asked to park on the other side of the bridge and walk across.  Mantoloking residents will be asked to park on Barnegat Lane (in driveways) on Bay Ave (west side of the street, Old Bridge and Downer.  MYC will also be available for parking.

The ceremony will be at the base of the bridge on the Wagner/Laymon property– We will light the tree at 5pm sharp, so please leave time to get to and from (Please also wear bright colors so you are visible to traffic). We ask that each family attending please bring 1 plate of cookies, brownies, etc and drop them off at the fire house prior to the ceremony.  If so inclined, please also bring water and whatever you would like to drink as well as an adult beverage for our workforce.  We will make sure we have ice on hand to chill down those beverages.  After the ceremony, the town will muster between the firehouse and the public works building to have a snack and a drink.  We hope to have town cleared out by 7:00 pm.  If you choose to take the party onwards, please do so on the other side of the bridge.  Please make an effort to be there– it would be great to recognize all of the hard work of everyone who has helped put us back together.