Mantoloking & Hurricane Sandy

Today was not a good day.  We were reminded that Mother Nature is still in control.  The big South-Westerly winds brought the water up on the Bay.  A large portion of town was underwater (including the area at the base of the bridge and near the PD/FD).  In addition, Channel and Lagoon Lanes were inaccessible along with a fair portion of Barnegat Lane.  Not to be left alone, Bay Head also had sizable amounts of Bay water throughout town.  The good news is that the west winds kept the Ocean from seriously breaching our dunes. For the reasons outlined above, we had to close town and it was not a decision that we made lightly.

The forecast for tonight is for the winds to continue and we will monitor the situation carefully.  PLEASE CHECK THE WEBSITE AT 7:30 TOMORROW MORNING TO MAKE SURE THAT TOWN IS OPENED UP BEFORE HEADING DOWN.  If there is nothing on the website by 7:30, the Borough will be open tomorrow.

The good news is that the FEMA folks that we met with today were able to see first hand what is going on in the Bay, especially with a disabled sewer system and fair amount of sand and debris lining our shores.

Below are a few photos from today: