Mantoloking and Hurricane Sandy

Thank you all for attending the meeting last night.  We apologize for the sound quality on the conference call.  We will do our best to get better equipment for the next meeting which is scheduled for January 22nd.  A copy of the presentation is included for your reference.

As you know, one of the primary topics was beach replenishment and easements.  The panel included experts from the State DEP, the Army Corps, as well as the Borough Attorney, Engineer, and Planning Board Chairman.  A large amount of time and effort was spent answering questions from Ocean-Front home owners.  A couple of action items resulted from the meeting.   A revised easement will be posted on the website later this week for EVERY ocean-front owner to consider.  We will also send the revised easement to every ocean front owner via certified mail.  This easement will contain a new reference to the Army Corps Chief’s Report which details the proposed project (see the Chief’s Report here), it strikes out the bulkhead line reference and replaces it with like terminology that the Borough uses (dune reference line/seawall line), changes the release of easement date from 2020 to 2025 and, as discussed last night, adds a section on the Public Trust Doctrine that compliments existing language.  All of these topics were discussed in detail last night and helps to enhance and clarify some of the open ended questions that were source of hesitation of some ocean front owners.  The Borough also discussed with the DEP the concept of holding the original easement documents in escrow until the Army Corps project is funded and initiated.

Finally, some very good news from Trenton.  Governor Christie announced that the State will be focusing debris clean-up efforts on Barnegat Bay.  Mantoloking was specifically mentioned.  Please see the full State of the State here.  The State of the State starts @13:45 and Mantoloking is mentioned 32:00 and 34:00.