The Army Corps of Engineers and the State DEP have reviewed the new easement and have released it for execution.  Please see the new easement here: MantolokingEasement1_29_13

We hope that the easement is clearer in terms of the exact area where the westward toe of the dune will intersect with ocean front property.  Bob has put together a chart which shows where the westward toe of the dune will intersect and which also shows the immense size and protection the new dune/beach system will offer.  Please see the Dune Chart and where the Easement line falls for the length of the town:  01-29-13 MANTOLOKING EASEMENT LINE RCM

Bob will also put together a presentation for the Council Meeting on the 6th that will give an overview of the changes.  We have also included a letter from the Army Corp’s Chief of Real Estate that clarifies the questions of perpetuity and other potential “uses” of the easement.  It is a very useful document.  Please see the letter here: 1-30-2013 Letter to Mayor Regarding Easement

Hard copies of the easement are being sent out this week to every oceanfront owner.  When filling out the easement, please list the Block and both Lots (the buildable lot as well as the lot east of the dune reference line). You can find your Block and both Lots in the easement chart mentioned above (The Block is the number in the circle, the Lot # is attached to your property and the ocean side lot is the same as your street side lot, but followed by a .01).

At the risk of waiting for US postal service to deliver the easement, it would be appreciated if the Oceanfront owner(s) print the easement from the website on LEGAL sized paper, sign it in front of a registered notary (Out of State notaries are acceptable) and send it immediately back to the Borough.

If you are going to send it via FedEx, DHL, etc., please send to:

The Borough of Mantoloking

340 Drum Point Road

Brick Township, NJ 08723

If you are going to send it via US Postal Service, please send to:

The Borough of Mantoloking

P.O. Box 4391
Brick, New Jersey 08723

If you can, please also send us an email (replenishment@mantoloking.org) and let us know your intention on whether or not you are planning on signing the easement or, better yet, scan a copy and send it to us electronically.

We hope to get all of the easements collected as soon as possible and take advantage of funding that has specifically been set aside to fund replenishment projects.

Thank you all for your patience with this process.  We will do all that we can to make this project happen once we have the easements in hand.  The very existence of our community depends on it.