Memorial Day Cookout Update

Memorial Weekend Cookout Update

Dear Guest,

What happens when you have 500+ of your closest friends join for a Memorial Weekend Party – a really good time.  Don’t worry we will have plenty of food but other resources may be a little strained.  Here are some thoughts to help us all enjoy are re-opening party.

  • Parking will be at a premium – walk, ride your bike or come by boat, we will have an outdoor food station so Docktails Mantoloking style may be in order.
  • We will have seating for 350-400 people.  When you are done eating please offer your seat to the next person, remember you are here to emote with the friends you have not seen since the storm.
  • Come early – stay late.  The check-in lines will open at 5:30PM and the food will be ready by 6PM.  We will have plenty of food and the serving lines will stay open until everyone has been served.
  • Help out – we have over 30 volunteers working the check-in and food tables but they all want to enjoy themselves as well.  If it is around 7:15 – 7:30 and you see a familiar face still behind the food table offer to give them a break and help serve for a 30 minute span.
  • As you may know our parties bring out the best in everyone.  We will have babies that will only be months old, plenty of young ones and of course many grandparents and maybe even some great grandparents.  Be careful around the docks – remember 7 years and under need life jackets if they are out on the docks.
  • Remember it is BYOB but we will have ice and setups – see you on Sunday May 26.


Tom McIntyre