Debris and Demo Update

Please see the latest status of the Debris and Demo program below.  If a property is listed, work is contemplated for the upcoming week. Some of the properties may have already been demolished and are awaiting removal of the debris.  For those properties with “Air Monitoring” next to them, the Contractor will be monitoring these properties for dust and non-friable/friable asbestos.  The “Air Monitoring” properties are underway.  Please check the website for updates.

Bay Avenue:

1211 Bay Ave (Demo)(Air Monitoring)

East Ave:

915 (Demo) (Air Monitoring)

934 (Demo) (Air Monitoring)

990 (Demo) (Air Monitoring)

991 (Debris) (Sand)

1006 (Debris) (Sand)

1014 (Debris) (Sand)

1019 (Debris) (Sand)

Ocean Avenue:

1014 (Demo) (Air Monitoring)

1033 (Debris) (Sand)

1035 (Debris) (Sand)

1043 (Debris) (Sand)

1047 (Debris) (Demo)

1073 (Demo) (Air Monitoring)

1079 (Debris)

1081 (Debris)

1099 (Demo) (Air Monitoring)

1112 (Demo) (Air Monitoring)

1119 (Debris)

1121 (Debris)

1211 (Demo)

1300 (Debris)

1336 (Debris)

1400 (Debris)

1431 (Debris)

1517 (Demo) (Air Monitoring)



103 (Demo)


Barnegat Lane

920 (Demo) (Garage Only)

1004 (Demo)

1008 (Demo) (Air Monitoring)

1070 (Demo) (Air Monitoring)

1073 Barnegat (Demo)(Air Monitoring)

1111 (Demo) (Air Monitoring)

1112 (Demo) (Air Monitoring)

1125 (Demo)