Storm Update From Councilman Chris Nelson

Winter Storm Jonas Update from Councilman Chris Nelson:

We dodged a big one. For those of you who are not in town, we did not have a ton of snow, but we sure made up for it with waves, a strong storm surge and some serious wind.

For the most part, the rock revetment and steel wall kept the ocean at bay. We did receive some damage to the rocks in the Northern part of town.

For the entire length of town, the rocks and steel are completely exposed. It will be awhile before we can get sand back to help remedy the situation. Please DO NOT go anywhere near the beach. It is extremely dangerous.

This storm is a reminder that while Sandy may have been a 100 year Super Storm, a serious Nor’ Easter like Jonas can and will cause immeasurable harm to our beaches. We will continue to work with the Governor, DEP and Army Corps to move the replenishment project forward; however, as the Governor said yesterday, the project had a good chance of already being completed if beachfront owners to our North and our South had already done what a majority of our beachfronts owners did: signed the necessary easements.

If the Corps project does not happen, our way of life will change for the worse.   If you don’t believe it, look closely at the video and images, and imagine what would have happened had the wall not been there.



rocks1 rocks2 ECO_0419