Environmental Commission Tip of the Month: Consider Composting – September 2016

Did you know that Americans dispose of 4.5 lbs of trash per person per day? And, that 53% of what we discard is compostable! And, it all ends up in landfills which are almost at capacity. And, if you put garbage into your disposal it winds up at the wastewater treatment facility, adding additional waste load to the facility and increasing treatment costs. So the question is; “How can I reduce my trash production?”

Well, you can start building a compost pile. And if you start now and it will be ready by next Spring! Everyday items such as kitchen scraps, coffee grounds and yard waste (nitrogen) as well as toilet paper rolls and paper towels and rolls, cardboard coffee cups, and dryer lint (carbon), make up a significant amount of your waste. Nitrogen and carbon ingredients, balanced correctly, are essential to the success of composting.

The benefits of nutrient-rich compost to your garden are numerous. Compost reduces the amount of water usage, it loosens the soil for better drainage, and protects the soil from erosion and compaction. In addition, you will realize a reduction in the amount of weeds. There is great satisfaction to be had when you realize that in a few months, your garbage can end up looking like rich, crumbly brown soil which can be used inside your gardens instead of in landfills!

For more information about composting, please contact MEC member, Eileen McIntyre: emack1115@aol.com. She will email useful materials on how to properly make your own backyard pile!