Beach Update

There are several items I would like to cover in this post. The ACOE has agreed to work an additional 100 feet beyond the access point at 1071 which will allow us to use it this summer. Unless the weather doesn’t cooperate, we should have this first option done within the next 10 days, or so. Then they will leave and come back this summer. A quick explanation about the ADA access on Downer. The most recent code for this requires 12 feet of linear feet for every 1 foot of upward/ downward direction and, in addition, every 30 feet there must be a 10 feet rest area throughout the entire expanse of the access. Thus, the very large structure. We will be planting dune grass and other vegetation over the next several months and this will serve, in time, to make the access much more attractive than it is today.Lastly, there were munitions found offshore last week which included rifle grenades from World. War 1. This is not at all unusual for this sort of a job. A contractor who specializes in munitions was brought in to dispose of them. To date, 1,407,433 cubic yards of sand have been placed on the beach. All access points are open. Please call with any questions or thoughts. Councilman White 732-606-6988