Beach Update

Weeks marine has completed the Base Bid option of the beach
replenishment project finishing 100 feet north of 1071 Ocean Avenue on
April 6. They will be working on the 3 crossovers there as well as
cleaning up the one at Princeton Avenue. It may be another few weeks
before they finish taking all the equipment to Brick so residents on
the south should be aware that there will be some activity in that
regard and also should keep in mind that this will continue to be a
24/7 project. The second and third options, 11 and 9, will be addressed
when Weeks returns this summer and a pretty good guess would be later,
perhaps August. The good news is that once they return they will
complete the project in it’s entirety. The final count for cubic yards
placed on the beach is 1,607,149. Ocean
front owners will be able to access the beach and ocean through one
“gate” on the property at the two fences west and east of the dunes.
That entry can be placed at the owners’ discretion.
As always, please feel free to write or call with any thoughts or questions.

Councilman White