Boro Hall Update

The completion date is still July 26th but we have a brief delay with 2 of our utilities so I suspect that a more realistic date might be late summer. Now that we are fully enclosed and no longer relying on the weather, we are making good progress inside the building. What follows below is a brief report from our construction engineer, Bob Sebilia.

The contractors’s were continuing working on both the inside andvexterior of the building

Electrician running branch circuits on the 2nd and 3rd floors,

WC was installing the exterior CPVC trim, soffits, fascia, etc. on the exterior of the building.

Overhead door contractor installed and adjusted the overhead doors.

Roofer working on shingle roof

Plumber continuing

Insulators insulating the pipes.

Allowance Adjustments no.’s 4 & 5 were executed and issued to WC.

WC is Wallace Construction, the contractor.As always, please contact
me with any thoughts or questions.

Lance White