Beach Replenishment Update

The dredge RN Weeks left on 9/6 for safe harbor and will return after
the storm when the seas allow. Up by Lyman Street there is significant debris that has washed
ashore over the last few days. The contractor and town will assess what to do about this when the
storm subsides. There is the possibility that some of the debris will be naturally removed by the ocean and it’s
currents. When the replenishment begins again, the contractor, Weeks Marine, will  fill from the location that they left on the 6th, and continue north the the BH/Mantoloking border. Depending on weather and equipment the two remaining
options, 11 and 9, should be concluded within the next 45-60 days. Finally, the beach in south Mantoloking did recieve
an additional 63,799 cubic yards of sand at the end of August. Please feel free to call with any thoughts or questions. Councilman White, 732-606-6988