Beach Replenishment Update

At this morning’s meeting of the ACOE, DEP and Weeks Marine we were told that we will we working with one hopper dredge until c. November 6th and then we will have another come so there will be two for the remainder on the project. One good thing about hoppers is that they are self-contained dredges so are able to work when the weather deteriorates to some degree unlike the cutter dredges that have pipe along the ocean floor.

The contractor is heading south for another 1,300 feet and then will flip and work north. For the current part of this project we have received 259,356 cubic yards of sand with 722,644 cy to go.

With weather and mechanical issues it is difficult to know when the town will be fully replenished but the ACOE is anticipating around the end of December for this to be done.

Please don’t hesitate to call with questions or thoughts.

Councilman White