Message from the Mayor

I would like to introduce a semi-monthly report which will be called “Message from the Mayor”. This report will highlight some  of the events and activities that have taken place over the previous weeks that are germane to the residents of Mantoloking. Also, I will include briefly meetings with other mayors and elected officials that have taken place.

So, here we go-

  1. In late December the Borough came to a four year agreement with the Police Union that will take us through 2022.
  2. I spoke at a Freeholders Meeting in Toms River a few weeks ago at the request of Freeholder Joe Vicari  to highlight some of Mantoloking’s concerns with the Vilamoura project. A letter was then sent from the Freeholders to the NJDEP requesting a public hearing regarding the CAFRA application. This application has since been withdrawn.
  3. In early January I attended the Ocean County Mayor’s breakfast in Toms River. The speaker was Steve Sweeney who is the President of the New Jersey Senate.  His comments centered on the issue of vaccination for students in our public schools and the change in funding for some schools throughout the county.
  4. In late January there was a Beach Committee meeting that dealt with the budget for this coming summer. There will be a discussion for the resident members of the committee and then a report at the following Council Meeting.
  5. Every month the barrier island mayors (Point Pleasant Borough down to Seaside Heights) gather to go over different issues. The two principle topics have been the 5G issue with pods etc  and back bay flooding. Regarding the latter, all of our towns are dealing with flooding and realize that this issue needs to be addressed  now.
  6. A few weeks ago, Mantoloking came to a 5 year agreement with Chief Ferris that will be in place through 2024.

That’s it for now. I hope this is informative and any comments are most welcome.


Mayor White