Message from the Mayor

Hello Everyone,

     I would like to mention a few things that could be of interest. As you might imagine, our town is maintaining direct communication with Federal, State and local agencies on a daily basis.

     As an example, Chief Ferris and I were on a conference call last Friday with Governor Murphy, Attorney General Grewal,   Patrick Callahan the Colonel of the State Police, OEM personnel, and a few others. To say that the dialogue was impressive is a significant understatement. It was obvious that virtually every scenario which might develop in the coming weeks has been discussed with appropriate solutions.  At the end of the call I felt very confident that we are in excellent hands and the state is being extremely proactive regarding the virus.

     Because of the dramatic increase in testing for the virus, the numbers of those infected will spike. This is to be expected and will allow the appropriate authorities and medical staff to track the virus and increase the efficiency of the “self-quarantining” process.

     We had a Council Meeting last Tuesday that was, for the first time,  virtual in nature. This means that all who attended (about 30) called in through our conference line. It was very successful. People were able to ask questions and hear what was being said. The quality of the sound was excellent on both sides and a lot was accomplished. Kudos to Beverley Konopada and Lynne Hazelet who set up the call.

     For the time being, the only inspections that will take place will be “open air” inspections. There are towns which have ceased all of these but we will continue until the Department of Community Affairs tells us otherwise.

     That’s it for now. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email.

     Be well, stay safe and stay HOME, please.


Mayor White