Message from the Mayor

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are well and finding creative ways to get through the day at
home. Here are a couple of particulars and then an update on COVID-19

New Jersey American Water is asking that we do not flush hand wipes
down the toilet. This can potentially cause sewer issues. Also, we have
been informed by Republic Services Inc, the company that collects our
garbage and recycling, that there will be no bulk pickup until further
notice. Many people are going through their homes and accumulating
items that would be bulk items but the amount of weight they are
collecting is no longer manageable. They will notify us when that
service will begin again.

Here is the difficult part – in the last several days over 44,000
coronavirus tests have been administered in our state. Of those a
little over 17,000 have been found to be positive. That is an infection
rate of 38%. This is a very disturbing number, but was expected due to
the significant increase in testing for the virus. In the last 36 hours
alone 3,489 tests have come back positive.

I do not mention these numbers to frighten you, but they underscore the
need for all of us to stay home and if you have to leave to practice
social distancing. It’s hard staying at home all day. Very hard. But,
this is the way to defeat this horrible virus. We are being challenged
by this, but we are resilient and tough. We need to work together.
It’s that simple.

Be well and stay healthy.

Mayor White