A Message from the Mayor

Hello Everyone,

I would like to begin today’s message with some good news. Just a few
days ago our DPW with Scott Hulse and his group and our Mantoloking Police
Department rescued 10 little ducklings and their mother from a storm drain
on Barnegat Lane. There are photos on the Police Department Facebook page.
This was big news with almost 800 likes and c. 50,000 views. Kudos to
Scottie et al.

The Governor gave a COVID-19 update yesterday and I thought I would
share the highlights of his message. The talk was entitled “the Road Back:
Restoring Economic Health Through Public Health”.  There were 4 Principles
discussed in this order- Demonstrate Sustained Reductions in New COVID-19
Cases  and Hospitalizations. Secondly, expand Testing Capacity which would
include double testing  and prioritize testing for health care workers,
essential personnel and vulnerable populations. Principle 3 would Implement
Robust Contact Tracing which would recruit and deploy an army of personnel
who will identify and follow-up with contacts and use technological data to
help with this process. Finally, the ability to Secure Safe Places and
Resources for Isolation and Quarantine would be considered a necessary part of
the reopening process.

The Governor’s Stay at Home Executive Order will remain in place until
further notice. He also announced the formation of the Restart and Recover
Commission which will include an array of experts including economists,
academics and health care experts to help guide the process of “opening up ”
the economy. For those seeking further information on the virus the COVID
hotline is 800-962-1253.

Judging from Governor Murphy’s comments the State of Emergency
Proclamation will remain in effect moving forward with weekly reviews on the
numbers, etc.

The weather this weekend looks to be sunny and warm, which is a
a welcome change.  We Strongly urge and request that you continue to follow
the rules which include;  maintaining social distancing, 6 feet as well
as having a face cover when speaking and interacting with folks outside of you immediate residence.
We want everyone to enjoy the outside, just please due it responsibly!

Take care and be well.


Mayor White