Message from the Mayor – #9

Hello Everyone,

     I hope that you have been enjoying (finally) this beautiful weather and the summer.

     I wanted to briefly talk about COVID-19. In watching the news it has become abundantly clear that many people around the country feel that they are “done” with the virus. They are acting and speaking as if the majority of the danger of this virus is behind us. The numbers tell us it is not and, unfortunately, we still have a significant period of time ahead to deal with it.  We have just set a record in the last 24 hours for new cases in this country- over38,000. We need to continue to send the message that we care about our safety and that of our friends and neighbors. Our ally is patience.

     Because of the pandemic the tax bills will be going out later than usual because the county  needs to set the tax rates before we can set ours. Expect to see these bills toward the end of July.

     This has been mentioned before but it needs to be emphasized again. Car thefts on the barrier islands are on the rise. There have been several in the area in the last few days when people leave their keys in the car. In one instance the thief was being pursued by the police and when he left the car to run he left behind a weapon.  These can be violent people. We need to keep them off of our property. We do not want to gain the reputation of being a “soft” target.

     Finally,  please, please strongly encourage your children to wear their helmets. It is the law that 16 and younger must wear them but everyone  should. Chief Ferris notes that the traffic is heavy this year with no one leaving to travel, etc. It only takes an instant for lives to be forever changed.

     That’s it for now.

     Be well and stay safe.

     Mayor White