Message from the Mayor #10

Hello Everyone,

     I very much hope you are enjoying your summer . I wanted to write just a few words to address  some issues.

     Our beaches are in good shape with badge sales up over 20% from last year. Regarding the sale of day badges we will continue to sell them as long as there are no safety issues.  As could be noticed last weekend there were unusually large numbers of people in our town enjoying the beaches and ocean. I was pleased to see these groups  observing the social distancing guidelines. Our wonderful lifeguards were diligent in their duty to help keep everyone safe and the badge checkers, in a majority of cases, did their jobs well also.  Overall, it has been a very successful summer on our beaches and, hopefully, this will continue throughout the season.

     I am pleased to report that we now have the manpower to use our police boat to help deter boaters from speeding through the “no wake” area in the bay by the bridge. The boating industry is now seeing unprecedented boat sales due to the COVID-19 situation. As a result, there are large numbers of inexperienced people out on the bay with little to no experience and knowledge about how to properly navigate their boats. Please keep this in mind when you take your boats for an evening sail or cruise.

     I have received calls and emails from beachfront owners describing strangers climbing on their dunes and putting trash on their property. We worked very hard to have our beaches replenished with beautiful 22 foot dunes.  If you see someone on the dunes or your deck please call dispatch immediately and they will notify our police officers who will  be able to respond quickly and issue violations when appropriate. The number is 732-295-1465. Every home in our town, beachfront or not, should have this number displayed to call suspicious behavior (ie potential car thefts) right away.

     Lastly, while the state’s virus numbers are down, there were 77,000 new cases in the last 24 hours nationwide which is a new record. We are being told that wearing a mask has a direct impact on reducing the number of cases of the virus. Please wear your mask when appropriate.  It is an  inconvenience but is a small price to pay to keep yourself, your family and your fellow residents healthy.

Be well and stay safe.

Take care,

Mayor White