Message from the Mayor

Hello Everyone,

     I hope you are enjoying your summer in spite of the unrelenting heat. There are just a few issues I would like to cover.

     You all have noticed, I am sure, that the siren in town has been going off far more often than normal. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, the heat will cause some older alarms to go off when there is no issue. In this part of the world with the salt air these devises often do not last the normal stated 5 years. It might be helpful to purchase these alarms every 2-3 years. Also, a cursory check of your system on a yearly basis will be helpful. Secondly, today the siren is broken and will be shut down until further notice.

     Please do not leave garbage and recycling on the street. We do have back door service.

     For those people receiving Social Security benefits please keep this number handy in case you would like to speak with the Brick office-877-405-5870.  They will cover many services including sending a new Social Security card, applying for retirement, and printing a benefit verification letter.

     Finally, we will be forming a committee that will study the concepts of 4 hour parking vs. unlimited parking. This committee will be advisory only and will make recommendations to the governing body. If you would like to be considered to serve please email our Borough Clerk, Beverley Konopada, at and let her know.

     Thank you.

     Be well and stay safe.

     Mayor White