Message from the Mayor #12

Hello Everyone,

As some of you may know, our town had some activity beginning at around
3:00 this morning. Starting in Point Pleasant Beach 4 individuals who had
stolen a car there were chased by police officers  down to Bergen and the
individuals ended up on North and South Lagoon. Unfortunately, there was
some destruction of property. The good news is that all suspects were
arrested and everyone is safe. Mantoloking Ready did it’s job in alerting
residents in that area.

What I would like to say is that, unfortunately, the world is changing
in some ways. The incidents of car thefts here and in other neighboring
towns is up dramatically. As I have mentioned before, we do not want to be
thought of as a “soft” target and have people on our porch looking to see if
anyone is home . These people can be violent and carry weapons. This morning
the driver of a stolen vehicle hit one of our police cars with the officer
in the car in an attempt to escape. That officer is fine thank goodness.

The point is that we need to be vigilant at all times. Lock your cars
at night. Close your garage doors. These days it’s easy to install wireless
lights which is very effective in keeping the bad guys away.

We have a terrific police force whose job it is to protect us. But we
also need to protect ourselves.

Be well and stay safe.


Mayor White