Message from the Mayor #15

Hello everyone,

As we approach Labor Day Weekend (one of my least favorite
weekends of the year) I have just a few thoughts to relay to you.

“Due to a positive Covid 19 test within the lifeguard staff at the
Lyman Street beach, The Borough of Mantoloking is announcing
the last day for Lifeguards was Thursday 08/27/2020.  The Staff member
was on the stand Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd.  If you have
questions or believe you may have been exposed please reach out to the
Ocean County Health Department at; 732-241-9700 ext. 7411 or through

We will still have badge checkers, social distancers and cleaning staff
out on the beach through Labor Day.  Swim at your own risk!

Day badges can be purchased for $10 dollars at the Shed on Downer, between
the Firehouse and Municipal Building. (Credit card and check only, no cash)”

We are following CDC and Ocean County Board of Health guidelines
to the letter. If
you have any questions whatsoever please use the information above to do so.

I have received a few calls from ocean front residents who have
mentioned that
some of their dune grass appears to have died. I spoke with our
engineer Bob Mainberger
about this. His advice is to do nothing right now. It may be that the
grass has gone into a
dormant stage and may come back this February or March. If not, the DEP
may be in a
position to help us with some new grass.

As we all know, our town has been very busy during the last
several months with a much
larger population during the spring season than we have ever seen
before. One way to measure this increase is through the
use of our sewers. Our sewerage costs are up approximately 25% vs. the
same time period
in 2019. This is not an insignificant sum of money but we will figure
out how to address this in a
way that will not be onerous to our residents.

That’s it for now. As always, please feel free to contact me with
any questions or thoughts.

Take care and be well.


Mayor White