Message from the Mayor #16

Hello Everyone,

     I very much hope that this message finds you all well as we move into the fall season. There is no question that September is one of the best months of the year in many ways.

     I have just a few thoughts. If you are scheduling a larger truck to come to your home, ie moving or contractor, and that vehicle will need to be on the street for a period of time please contact our police department. Some of our streets, especially Barnegat, are very narrow and this truck can cause a traffic nightmare. We can always send an officer to help direct traffic, etc.

     Also, if you are preparing to leave for the north or heading south to Florida for a period of time, please be sure to fill out the We Care form which provides information to our police department in case it’s needed in your absence. The more information you provide the better. You can find this form by going to the  search bar on the bottom right hand corner of the Borough web site (  and typing “we care”.

     Our police department protects our community in many ways. To that end, there was a possible suicide event several days ago on one of our beaches as someone began to swim into the ocean. Two officers, Jack Neary (MPD) and Tyler Printz from Bay Head police department, removed their belts and shoes and swam 50 yards into the ocean to rescue this person. Our towns commend and thank you both.

     Finally, I will be holding an Office Hours on September 30th in the meeting room at Borough Hall at 5:30. Todd Morgano, our head construction official, will be joining me to answer any questions regarding construction, etc. We are limited to 12 people in the room but I don’t anticipate that being a problem.

     That’s it for now.

     Be well and stay safe.

     Mayor White