Message from the Mayor #17

Hello Everyone,

     I have a few thoughts I would like to share with you as we approach the weekend.

     Our police force is constantly training in many different areas to maintain the highest degree readiness possible for different situations that they may encounter. To that end on Tuesday and Wednesday our officers attended a training regimen held by the Ocean County Prosecutor’s office.  They drilled in entry, search of homes  and SWAT teams, among other things. I understand that this was a very successful two days and that a lot was learned as well as reinforced.

     I don’t want to repeat myself but I will do so nonetheless. A car was stolen in Bay Head the day before yesterday right off of Main Street with the door unlocked and the fob in it. The same afternoon one of our residents had his wallet and other items stolen from his car. The security photos showed two men with masks and gloves as the thieves. Please keep in  mind that these days it is impossible to steal a car without the fob. If an attempt is made the system shuts down. We do not want to be a “soft target” when we could risk people coming on our porch to see if anyone is home. That’s the next step and it isn’t a good one.

     Finally, as a reminder, Todd Morgano, our construction official, and I will be having Office Hours this coming Wednesday, September 30th , from 5:30-6:30 at Borough Hall to discuss anything to do with building, remodeling  etc. We have done this a few times before and it appears to have been very helpful. Please wear your mask.

     Have a wonderful weekend.

     Be well and stay healthy.


     Mayor White