Mantoloking & Hurricane Sandy

Update #6: November 5th, 2012, Posted 3:30PM

Dear All:

A substantial number of our homes have been cleared by the engineers. STARTING TOMORROW, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ENTER INTO YOUR HOMES.  Click here to see the status of homes that have been visited by our engineers.  They are coded as RED and GREEN.  RED means your home has been compromised, GREEN means that the home is cleared for entry.  If your home is not there yet, be patient, we hope to all houses done by tomorrow.

We have basically divided the town in two sections.  Section 1 is everything from Bay Head to Herbert Street. Section 2 is Herbert Street to Curtis Point.  Please see the instructions below for each section.

SECTION 1 (Bay Head to Herbert Street):

Please drive your personal vehicles only through Bay Head.  When you are stopped at the entrance to Bay Head show the official your ID and hopefully something that ties you to your Mantoloking address (Tax Bill, Electric Bill, etc.) Once into Mantoloking, drive your vehicle on 35 South until you are able to reach a section closest to your house.  Please park on the Southbound side of 35 only.  Residents of Lagoon/Channel Lanes— be aware that Bergen is compromised and open to foot traffic only. Use East Ave and Barnegat Lane to reach your homes– we are trying to keep 35 clear and free of pedestrian traffic.

SECTION 2: (Herbert Street to Curtis Point):

Please drive your personal vehicle to Mantoloking Road. Park your vehicle on the side of Mantoloking Road in the vicinity of the Loyal Order of the Moose (just East of Tow Boat USA).  Walk towards the bridge to the Mantoloking staging point (there will be a red Mantoloking Flag there).  Because we cannot have private cars in the Southern part of town at this time, we have arranged for shuttle vans to take you to and from your homes. Access from the south via Seaside Bridge is currently restricted by both Seaside and Brick Authorities.  We are working on possible solutions to these restrictions and will keep you advised.

Visiting Guidelines:

Time: 9:00am – 3:00pm

Who: All residents and their immediate families.  No children under the age of 12 and no pets.

What to Bring:  Boots, gloves, bags to carry your necessities, water and flashlights

At this time we ask that you try to spend as little time at your home as possible so as not to impede the substantial amount of necessary infrastructure construction that is going on.  We have a Nor’easter coming in on Wednesday and the heavy machinery is working non-stop to build up the dunes and protect our property.

A couple of other housekeeping items:

– Mantoloking Municipal Court will open and held at Brick Township Municipal Court.  The November 14th court date is canceled.  The hours of operation and future court dates will be determined shortly;

– All residential mail will be delivered to the Post Office in Brick Township;

– Please remember that all residents should vote at Point Pleasant Borough Town Hall

Everyone is working extremely hard to get things up and running.  Keep the faith everyone.