Mantoloking & Hurricane Sandy

November 20, 2012

Thanks to everyone who attended the Town Council Meeting last night– whether in person or by e-mail.  For the next meeting we will definitely secure a bigger room and arrange for better call in facilities.

The questions that everyone posed were right on the money and will be taken into account if they all ready have not been.  Most important was the sense of community that makes our Borough such a special place.  There are plenty of things to complain about and everyone is in a horrible situation– but it was great to see that we all understand the need to address the bigger picture.

Here are some items of immediate interest:

  • The Mayor and Town Council agreed to hold meetings every two weeks for the foreseeable future.  The next meeting will be held on December 3rd. Location TBD.
  • There is still some confusion on your passes.  If you are not able to pick your passes up today at either Tow Boat or the Church of the Sacred Heart, you will be able to pick them up at the police checkpoints at either end of town.  For the South, this will be at the base of the bridge. For the North, please pick them up at the Barnegat/Clayton checkpoint (If there is a line  of cars at the checkpoint, please pull your car over to the side and carefully approach by foot the police officer on duty to get your passes.
  • As we said in the meeting, if we abuse the pass process we do risk our future access being denied by the State Police.  This means: Keeping off of 35 unless you absolutely need to get to your home there, keeping off the roads and in our driveways and not abusing access by bringing in trailers, etc.

Please also be careful.  As Larry (our town engineer) said last night, Mantoloking is one giant construction site.  Some of the best advice I heard was to make eye contact with machine operators to make sure they see you.  Also (and if it is safe) please take a few minutes to stop and shake hands with crew that is working tirelessly to rebuild our town.  It really means a lot to them to know who they are doing this for.  The Bay Head School wrote thank you notes to the crew and I will be dropping them off tomorrow.

Thanks again for everyone’s patience, understanding and doing what it takes to make Mantoloking an even better place.

Click here to view the slides from last night’s presentation.