Mantoloking & Hurricane Sandy

Thank you all for your understanding about entering town today.  It has rained steadily here all day and the roads are very soft– please be careful when you come back in– quite a bit of mud.  Open access using your two green passes will resume tomorrow.

A couple of items:

1. If you have not yet picked up your green passes, you will need to pick them up at the “new” borough hall on Drum Point Rd.  The passes will be available from tomorrow, November 28 from 8:30-4:30;

2. Please do not look for any Borough official at Tow Boat US.  No one from the Borough will be there.  The only reason for you to go to Tow Boat US is to sign up for their services next summer;

3. We will be holding the next Town Council Meeting on December 3 at 4:30pm at the Ocean County Library.  Please park across the street and use the lighted passage way to gain access to the library.  If you are one of the lucky ones to park illegally and have your license plate numbers read out by the librarian, rumor has it that the Mantoloking PD will revoke your green pass… just kidding.   For those of you unable to attend the meeting in person, we will arrange another dial-in number for you to listen in and try and devise a system for you to ask questions.