Mantoloking & Hurricane Sandy

This will be a debris and remediation/rebuilding update.  Before we get into details, please DO NOT put household waste or non-storm related debris to the curb in your debris pile– our assigned contractor will not take it.

Also, please limit your access to town only if it is absolutely necessary– we getting dangerously close to having to close access.

The Code Office, along with support staff from the NJ DCA, is working to try and help residents and owners move forward with repairs and reconstruction. With the extreme infrastructure conditions and staggering structural events, most questions and answers are being developed as they come across the counter.  We are trying to make information available, and rules are as relaxed as possible to avoid “red tape” delays.

We are in need of information from property owners, and contractors so that we have a better plan of action as to future needs for permits, plans, and inspections.  A questionaire/checklist is attached Each property owner or their contractor/agent should complete this form and return it to Borough hall.  Please complete this questionaire to the best of your ability, based on what you now know. We understand that things may change, we just need a starting point.  This form will provide a wealth of information needed to move forward with emergency repairs, restoration, electric and gas connections etc.

Many properties have been posted or tagged “red”. Each of these properties will soon be sent a “Notice of Unsafe Structure”. This is to officially notify the property owners of the potential hazards should the building be entered. You are entering at your own risk. Owners should read the attached Unsafe Structure letter, which will be included with the official Notice. The letter provides some basic elements to move forward as well as some items to consider.

Sadly, many owners will have to demolish their homes, or Sandy did it for them. The demolition procedure has also been streamlined and a revised Demo guideline document is attached. Any home that is lost, currently demolished, or will soon be demolished will require a Demolition Permit. This is the first step in documenting the structures removal from the Township Dwelling Unit and Tax Roll records.

Remember – there is limited water to fight fires and it is very difficult to access to many properties. Be safe. Have Fire Extinguishers available, and know how to use them. Avoid unsafe use of heaters, generators or other fuel burning items. Have all electrical systems checked by licensed professionals. Have structurally unsound buildings inspected by NJ Licensed Engineers. If you hire contractors, be sure they are licensed to work in NJ and fully insured. If you are not sure, contact the Code Office or Dept. of Consumer Affairs.

Until FAX lines and email addresses are available  – forms can be dropped off at 340 Drum Point Road, Brick, NJ.