Mantoloking & Hurricane Sandy

This update is going to be a monster. We will break it out in sections:

Town Council Meeting:

Thanks to those of you that attended in person and those that listened in. We are working on securing a more suitable location for the next meeting. We will also try and make the presentation available online so those listening in can follow along. Last night’s update presentation can be found here. We have also made copies of the easement letter that is being sent to Ocean front owners as well as a copy of the actual easement available here. Please remember that we would like to have all signed easements in hand by the end of the year—it is absolutely critical that we get this project up and running as soon as practical. We will try and post the number of easements signed on the website so we can track our progress.


Our friends at the DCA have been more than helpful and want you to note a couple of things. First, there is a ton of information on their website. Check it out on:

This site explains steps for electric, plumbing and mechanical corrective actions. Wiring not “damaged” does not have to be replaced; however, wiring that is even the least bit exposed to water can be damaged, especially older wiring. If you are not sure, please have an electrician check your home and provide a letter of certification to the code office.

Letters of certification will also need to be provided from your plumbing and mechanical contractors for those systems that were damaged, submerged or affected by the storm.

For those without damage to your electrical, plumbing and/or mechanical systems, please request in writing an inspection by the code office so that power and utility services can be restored as soon they are ready. Access to your homes by inspectors may be necessary.

Remember, permits are required for most repairs, but fees will be waived for storm related repairs. If you have any questions, please check in with our Building code officials/DCA stationed at the town hall on Drum Point Road.

One point of clarification – any home or building on a property that needs to be demolished or was demolished by the storm WILL NEED a demolition permit. This is needed so that the code office can verify that electric, gas, water and sewer are properly capped off for safety.

Finally, if you had your home winterized, please check with your plumber to make sure that they shut off the water at the mainline to your home. If they did not, when the water is turned back on, it will flow freely through your open taps.

Debris Removal:

FEMA requires household garbage to be separated from debris. If it is not, your debris will not be picked up. To help facilitate an easier processing of household garbage, the Borough has established two drop-off points: North (On 35/Ocean – near Williams Place) and in the South (On Downer Avenue near MYC).  At each location, one dumpster is for household garbage, the other is for recyclables (signs will be posted). Please make every effort to use those facilities. FEMA has a monitor that follows every truck—they will stop collecting debris if they see household waste in the debris pile. It is important that you let your contractors know the rules as you are responsible for their actions on your property.

Matt from the debris removal company came up with a handy document that describes the overall process. Click here to see it.


Finally, we are preparing a special holiday gathering to thank all of the construction crews that have helped us in our time of need. Please pencil in the 14th or 16th of December (Date to be finalized shortly) to come to town for some cider and donuts.