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Courtesy of Peter Chance

Courtesy of Peter Chance

Here you can find information about the Mantoloking Environmental Commission, announcements, newsletters, and other resources promoting environmental stewardship.

Mission Statement of the Mantoloking Environmental Commission (March 2013)

“The Mantoloking Environmental Commission seeks to improve the environmental quality of our land, bay, and ocean. Through education and outreach, the Commission encourages citizens to incorporate environmentally responsible practices into homes, gardens, and daily life. The Commission’s goal is to improve the health of the land and the surrounding waters while reducing the potential to harm the environment.”

The Commission meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Mantoloking Yacht Club Sailing Center. Meetings begin promptly at 5:00 p.m.

The Environmental Commission has a Seaside Gardening Primer available for all residents. The primer contains helpful hints and suggestions for “going native” with your landscaping. Click here for more information.

2016 Meeting Calendar

News and Updates From the Environmental Commission:


MAY FLOWERS and “visitors” are arriving.  While we all are enjoying the glorious color our flowers, shrubs and trees are bringing to us, it is also a time to LOOK for unwanted growth.  We suggest you INSPECT all the trees and shrubs on your property .  Cut any ivy or vine like-weeds that will choke and eventually kill your tree or shrub. Wear long sleeves whenever possible.  Then pull out the vines from below. If you cannot to this by yourself, consider asking a professional to so. Digging these “visitors” out from the base will stifle their regrowth…

MAY also brings Mother’s Day… May 8,2016.. Hopefully many of us will have children and/or grandchildren at our homes.  As parents and grandparents, we have the responsibility to teach our kids to care for our world. Take the time this Mother’s Day to do or to teach one “green” activity. It can be something simple.  A great website for tips for kids can be found at www.earthsaversclubforkids.com.

Posted: May 2, 2016

Environmental Commission “Tip of the Month” – April 2016

EARTHDAY is celebrated on APRIL 22nd this year. It is a day and time of the year that many of us begin work on our outdoor yards and lawns. With that in mind, consider practicing these suggestions: (1) Mow lawns ONLY as needed keeping grasses long. Longer grass retains water better and crowds out many weeds. (2) DO NOT over mulch!!

Rather, plant low growing ground covers. Ground covers provide nutrients for the soil and keep unwanted runoff of materials such as mulch from clogging the drainage systems of our roads and streets. (3) CONSERVE water by reducing the amount of water-needed landscaping. Increasing native plantings helps promote a yard which can tolerate low water usuage. It is better to water deeply but infrequently.  More suggestions can be found @ earthshare.org.

So… April Showers will bring May flowers… You and perhaps a grandchild can volunteer for an Earth Day beach clean up… And, with Arbor Day on April, 29, consider planting or donating a tree… CELEBRATE OUR EARTH.

Posted: April 5, 2016

Use of Household Weedkillers Can Help Protect the Environment

The use of simple household items can provide a safe and environmental friendly weed killer. Properly applied weed killer made from vinegar, salt, and dish soap can effectively kill weeds and protect the environment. Please see the house weedkiller fact sheet for more information.

This information is being provided by the Mantoloking Environmental Commission.

Posted: August 11, 2015

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Native Plants:

Native Plant Nurseries | Native Plant Information

Resources & Links:

Barnegat Bay Partnership

Save Barnegat Bay

Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Ocean County

American Littoral Society

Barnegat Bay (NJDEP)

Commission Members:

Courtney Bixby (Chair)
Joan Mattia
Eileen McIntyre
Edwin C. O’Malley
Constance Pilling
John Wesson
Laurence White