Flooding & Emergency Management


Each year the Borough of Mantoloking is faced with the prospect of its vulnerability to any of a number of storm events ranging from hurricanes, tropical storms, nor’easters, blizzards and lesser storms having high winds and associated wave impact and high tides. The geography of Mantoloking’s barrier beach type setting consists of tidal waters forming on its western and eastern borders, with approximately 2.2 miles of oceanfront and approximately 3.0 miles of bay shoreline. The entire Borough of Mantoloking is located in a special flood hazard area and is vulnerable to flooding from the Atlantic Ocean and Barnegat Bay.

The Borough encourages you to review the following documentation/websites which provide further information associated with safety, protection measures, flood insurance and other parameters affiliated with the Borough’s primary hazard: Flooding.

Flood Hazard

The Borough of Mantoloking is vulnerable to coastal storms and hurricanes. Typically, severe winter storms, or Nor’Easters, occur each year between Mid-October and Mid-April. The entire Borough of Mantoloking is located in a special flood hazard area and is vulnerable to flooding from the Atlantic Ocean and Barnegat Bay.

Flooding is a real hazard for the entire community. The Borough is extremely susceptible to hurricanes and coastal storms which can cause damage to homes with localized flooding of streets and yards. Mantoloking Borough will provide inquirers with information from the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM), including the flood zone, a property’s base flood elevation and location of the LiMWA or Coastal A Zone. In addition, the Borough will provide flood protection assistance, including site specific flood and flood related data (Flood Depth Data) and data on historical flooding in the community. The community has copies of completed Elevation Certificates available for some properties in the floodplain. These services are intended to assist in assessing the flood threat to specific properties. Please contact the Borough at (732) 475-6983 for these services and the availability of Elevation Certificates.

For general information on flood hazard awareness, please turn to 1067 of your AM radio and the Borough’s OEM Facebook Page.

Flood Insurance

Standard Homeowner’s Insurance Policies do not cover losses due to floods. However, Mantoloking is a participant in the National Flood Insurance Program, which makes it possible for Mantoloking Property Owners to obtain federally backed flood insurance. This insurance is available to any Owner of insurable property (a building or its contents) in Mantoloking. Tenants may also insure their personal property against flood loss.

The cost of flood insurance will vary depending upon the amount of coverage and the degree of flood hazard. We urge persons who live or own property in Mantoloking to purchase flood insurance to protect themselves from losses due to flooding. This insurance is required in certain circumstances, such as the purchase of a home with a federally backed mortgage. here is a 30-day waiting period before National Flood Insurance Program coverage takes effect. To find out more about flood insurance, contact any licensed insurance agent or Borough Hall at 732.475.6983. GET FLOOD INSURANCE.

Flood Safety

There are several actions residents of Mantoloking can take to decrease the potential for injury due to flooding.

  1. Know the flood warning procedures.
  2. TURN AROUND, DON’T DROWN!!! Do not attempt to cross flowing water.
  3. Keep children away from flood waters, ditches, culverts, and storm drains.
  4. If your vehicle stalls in high water, abandon it immediately and seek higher ground.
  5. Evacuate the flood hazard areas in times of impending flood or when advised to do so by the police or fire department.
  6. Cut off all electric circuits at the fuse panel or disconnect switch. If this is not possible, turn off or disconnect all electrical appliances. Shut off water service and gas valves in your home.
  7. Stay away from downed power lines and electric lines. Report downed lines to the Power Company and the Municipal Police Department.
  8. Look out for animals. Small animals that have been flooded out of their homes may seek shelter in your home.
  9. Clean everything that gets wet. Flood waters may have contacted road chemicals, sewage and other harmful materials.

Property Protection Measures

There are various actions each homeowner can take to flood proof their home such as elevation of your home furnace and water heaters. Electrical panel boxes, furnaces, water heaters, and washers and/or dryers should be located at a point in the house that is less likely to be flooded. Interior or exterior backflow water valves can be installed, or interior flood walls can be placed around utilities in order to protect these essential services. Talk to us about protecting your house or business at 732.475.6983.

Build Responsible

Each homeowner is reminded that local construction permits are required for most modifications you may plan for your house. The municipal ordinances and/or codes contain mandatory requirements related to new or modified building construction, certain of which are included to provide protection against flooding. Always check with the Building Department at 732.475.7261 before you build, alter, degrade or fill on your property.

Natural and Beneficial Functions

The dune and beach areas help reduce flood damage by mitigating the effect of storm waves.

Without the dunes, oceanfront properties would be exposed to the full force of waves during storm events. The natural and beneficial function of the ocean front dunes cannot be overemphasized. Mantoloking Dune Ordinance regulates the beach and dune area, prohibiting virtually all construction and regulating access even by the Property Owners. The Ordinance requires Property Owners with dunes to maintain the dunes. What you can do:

. Stay off the dunes!

. Cross dunes only at approved pathways or walkways.

. Support dune maintenance activities (dune grass planting, dune fence

installation and maintenance).

. Report Dune Ordinance violations to the Borough Dune Inspector, Robert

Mainberger (732) 780-6565.





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