Tax Assessor

The Tax Assessor’s Office is responsible for determining fair market value of all property in the Borough for the purposes of assessment and taxation, preparing the tax list, maintaining the Borough tax map, and making appraisals of property for any municipal purpose.

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Gary Dalcorso, Tax Assessor

Lynne Hazelet, Assistant

Telephone Number: 732-475-6983 ext. 307

Fax Number: 732-475-7601

Assessor’s Hours: Thursdays 8:30am to 2:00pm, or by appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is meant by full and fair value?

Full and fair value is the price at which the Assessor believes a property would sell at a fair and bona fide sale by private contract on October 1 of the pretax year. The sale must be between a willing buyer and a willing seller, for example, the buyer is not obligated to buy, and the seller is not obligated to sell.

How are values established?

The sales of properties in your neighborhood are analyzed, and the sales prices and sales listings are studied so that the current value trends within the municipality can be determined. Land sales are also gathered, verified and analyzed according to the zone they are in and their use.

The valuation of your home is based on the total living area in terms of square footage rather than by room count. Other features which will affect the valuation of your home include; high quality finishes, additional bathrooms and kitchens, finished basements, central air conditioning, decks and patios, fireplaces, pools, out-buildings, garages and the overall condition of the home.