Land Use & Projects


A Notice Regarding Mantoloking Ordinance 3-1.3 (Noises Prohibited)

As per this ordinance:

During the period from June 15th to September 15th, no commercial construction activity, of any nature whatsoever shall be permitted on Saturday.  Commercial landscape maintenance activity shall be permitted until 12:00 noon on Saturday, upon the condition that vehicle and equipment associated with the activity shall not be parked upon public roads.


The Building Department enforces and administers the regulations of the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code.

The Land Use Department enforces the Borough Land Use Regulations which determine how properties can be used and where structures can be constructed on a property. Setback requirements have been established for each zone in the municipality.

The Engineering Department oversees the Borough’s capital improvements projects, responds to residents concerns about drainage problems, works with the Department of Public Works to improve the Borough streets,  implementation of the check valve program and the infrastructure for the sanitary sewer system, coordinates improvements for public utility contracts, reviews DEP permits, and permits required by Ordinance.

Contact the Borough Hall at numbers listed below before you start any project on your property.

Contact Us

Todd Morgano – Construction Code Official

Ron Piszar – Fire Subcode Official

Glen Purves – Plumbing Subcode Official

Steve Grenley – Electric Subcode Official

Patrick Smith – Technical Assistant to Construction Official
Colleen Malvasio
 – Technical Assistant to Construction Official

Telephone Number:            732-475-7261 ext. 309 or 310

Facsimile Number:            732-475-7601


Department Hours:            Monday – Friday       8:30 am to 4:30 pm (Closed for Lunch 12:30-1:30pm)

Colleen Malvasio –  Land Use Official

Telephone Number:            732-475-7261 ext. 310

Facsimile Number:              732-475-7601


Department Hours: Monday and Friday            9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Wednesday                         9:00 am- 1:00 pm

Larry Plevier, P.E., Borough Engineer

Colleen Malvasio – Secretary to Engineer

Telephone Number:            732-475-6983 ext. 310

Facsimile Number:            732-475-7601


Department Hours: Monday – Friday   8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Larry Plevier Hours: Wednesday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Ron Piszar – Fire Official

Colleen Malvasio – Secretary to Fire Official

Telephone Number:            732-475-7261 ext. 310

Facsimile Number:            732-475-7601


Department Hours: Monday – Friday  8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Ron Piszars Hours: Monday & Thursday  10:30 am to 12:00 pm



Basic Requirements Overview

The following information is a brief overview of the basic requirements. Specific information must be obtained by contacting the Building Department.

The Uniform Construction Code (NJAC 5:23)

The purpose of the Uniform Construction code is to encourage innovation and economy in construction by the use of modern technical methods and devices. The Uniform Construction Code also eliminates, restrictive, obsolete, conflicting and unnecessary regulations that tend to increase construction cost. It also insures adequate maintenance of buildings and structures throughout the State to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.


Plans are required for most applications. Plans must be drawn by a licensed architect or engineer. However, a homeowner can draw plans for their owner-occupied dwelling. For specific information about construction plan requirements, contact the Building Department. A Flood Elevation Certificate is required. A Zoning permit is also required.


Penalty notices shall be sent to a property owner or contractor for: failure to obtain construction permits; occupying a new or altered structure without a certificate of occupancy; giving false information; or failure to comply with a notice issued by the Building Department. Appeals for a notice of penalty or a notice of violation can be brought before the Ocean County Construction Board of Appeals. In the cases where a penalty notice is ignored, the Building Department is forced to issue a summons through the municipal court. The summons is for the collection of the accumulated penalties only, not for the code violation.

Interior Alterations

Plans and Permits are normally required for the alteration of interior spaces. This may consist of: the removal of walls; additions of walls; the renovation of unfinished space; the installation of sheetrock of 25% or more of the wall area of any room; the addition of doors or windows; and the installation of paneling. In general, modifications of plumbing and electrical systems always require permits.

Mechanical Equipment

Mechanical equipment in existing single-family homes, both new installation and replacement, requires permits. Mechanical equipment consists of: boilers, furnaces, hot water heater, air conditioning units, wood stoves, fireplace etc… The installation of appliances must be in conformance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions and also the mechanical code. When a gas or oil fired appliance is connected to an existing chimney or vent; the chimney or vent must be certified as to its size, that it is properly lined, and free of obstruction, by the installing contractor. A Flood Elevation Certificate is required. A Zoning permit may also be required.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors save lives. The State of New Jersey requires battery operated or hardwired smoke detectors be installed one on every level as part of every permit issued. On applications for additions to single family homes, the smoke detector requirements are based on the percentage of the addition compared to the area of the largest existing floor of the dwelling. Contact the Building Department for more information.


The requirements for pool barriers and access have been updated as well as the electrical requirements. Additional specific information can be obtained by contacting the Building Department. A Zoning permit is also required.


Decks, new or replacement, must conform to the current Building Codes for structural loads, and life safety requirements such as, guard rails, handrail and stairs. Plans are required with an application. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Building Department. A Zoning permit is also required.


Sheds do require a building permit, as well as a zoning permit. Contact the Zoning Department. Sheds must be anchored to the ground.

Siding and Roofing

Permits are required for residing if more than 25% of the total wall area is being resided in a twelve-month period. Roofing permits are required for re-roofing if more than 25% of the total roof area of a building is being re-roofed in a twelve-month period.


Tents do require a zoning permit, and any tent in excess of 900 square feet with a side dimension greater than 30’ lineal feet shall require a permit from the Fire Official also. An electrical permit shall be required if temporary lights and exit signs are installed.


A zoning permit is required before the installation and/or replacement of any fence in the Borough of Mantoloking.

Modular Temporary Storage Units

A zoning permit is required before the delivery of any Modular Temporary Storage Units (PODS and equivalent) in the Borough of Mantoloking.  There is a 30 day time limit for these units.

Steps for Obtaining A Construction Permit

  1. Determine what prior approvals (if any) are needed by checking with the following:

Ocean County Soil Conservation – 609-971-7002
Zoning Department (Setback Requirements)
Engineer Department (Lot Development Plan/Soils/Driveway, etc.)

  1. Stop by the Building Department to pick up your Construction Permit Application and forms. You can also pick up various handouts applicable to your job.
  2. If your application requires various prior approvals, determine whether or not you want a simultaneous review on your various applications.
  3. Building Department will go through your Construction Permit Application with you so you will know how to fill out your application and what is required for your specific job.

Important Contact Phone Numbers

Borough Engineer (732) 475-6983 ext. 308

Land Use Officer (732) 475-6983 ext. 312

Ocean County Soil Conservation District (609) 971-7002

Driveway Apron/Road Opening Permit (732) 475-6983 ext. 308

NJ Dept of Transportation (732) 308-4106


Reasons for Delays in the Permit Process

(Most Common Causes for Delays)

  1.   Not having the required seals by architect, plumber and/or electrician on their required documents.
  2.   Construction plans not showing enough details.
  3.   Construction plans not drawn to scale.
  4.   Plumbing plans do not show riser diagram.
  5.   Changing the nature of work being done in the middle of the review.
  6. Not replying quickly to the corrections list after the permit review is done. Or having only partial answers instead of replying once to the whole correction list.
  7. Leaving highlighted areas on the application form blank. The highlighted area is information required for processing of the construction permit.
  8.   Failure in obtaining all prior approvals.

– Zoning Permit (Land Use Department)
– Surface Water Management Plan (Borough Engineer)
– Ocean County Soil Conservation

– Any other approvals that may apply

  1. True cost of work not on applications. (Cost of material and labor – if material and/or labor is free then the customary cost must be put on the application.)
  2. Square footage and cubic volume for new construction or an addition is either calculated incorrectly or omitted from the application.
  3. If you are unsure of the code requirements, hire a professional architect and contractors.

Borough of Mantoloking Building Department Required Inspections

732–475-7261 *** 732-475-7601 (fax)

–       Requests for Inspection must be made at least 24 hours prior to the time the site is ready for inspection. Inspections will be performed within three business days of the time for which they are requested. The work must not proceed in a manner which will preclude the inspection until it has been made and approval given.

–       Released plans must be on job site to obtain inspection.

–       House number must be visible from street.

–       It is mandatory to call for all inspections. As the homeowner, you are responsible for making sure the inspections are called in, and the job is completed and approved.

–       A certificate of Occupancy/Approval must be obtained prior to use and/or occupancy of any altered or newly constructed structure. Failure to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy can subject you to a penalty of up to $2,000.00.