August 18' 2005

RE:      Borough of Mantoloking
         Flood Mitigation Plan
         Publication of Updated Plan

Dear Homeowners/Residents:

Since the publication of the of the original draft Plan on the Borough's webpage on July 6' 2005' the Borough of Mantoloking's Flood Mitigation Planning Committee' which includes a grouping of Borough Officials' Borough Professionals' the Borough's Code Official' Emergency Manager and Residents of the Borough' has been continuously revising and updating the Plan to incorporate resident and Council input.  The Plan continues to serve as a guidance document to mitigate flood damage to properties and the environment within the Borough and defines the Borough's continued commitment towards the protection' health' and safety of the residents and their property' as well as the Borough's continued commitment towards improvements to the environment.

The goals and guidelines that the Borough will strive to achieve for flood protection throughout the community are listed in Section 19' "Overall Flood Plain Management Goals" and further summarized in Section 20 "Plan Implementation and Funding" of the Flood Mitigation Plan.  The public should be reminded that the plan is an awareness plan which will evolve as situations change and that the Borough will conduct studies of the various goals prior to initiation.

As before' a copy of the Borough's updated Flood Mitigation Plan may be viewed at Borough Hall located on Downer Avenue' or may be accessed through the following link (Flood Mitigation Plan).
The Appendices of the updated Plan may be viewed at Borough Hall and may be accessed through the following links:


Draft Ordinance – Bulkheads;


Flood Protection and Coastal Storm Safety for the Borough of Mantoloking' Semi Annual Flyer

Ordinance and Resolution Summary

Ordinance No. 407' Regulation' Preservation and Protection of Beaches and Dunes;


Ocean County 2000 General Demographic' Mantoloking;


Traffic Routes for Evacuation;


Critical Facilities Location Plan;


Community Rating System (CRS) Summary;


Dune-System Assessment (Updated);


Flood/Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee Minutes (Updated);


Should you require any additional information' please do not hesitate to contact the Borough at (732) 899 - 6600.

Very truly yours'

Robert C. Mainberger' PE' CME
Flood Mitigation Planning Committee
Borough of Mantoloking Dune Inspector
T 732.780.6565  F 732.577.0551