MantolokingFebruary 20, 2000 No. 307

Earl E. Bach, former Councilman of Mantoloking, died February 14th. He served from 1978 to 1986 and was a respected and contributing member of the Council. The Mayor and Council express their most sincere condolences to his family.

Mayor Dunbar opened this meeting at eight oh five. Councilman Nebel had been excused.

The Police Department‚s January was calm. They investigated five motor accidents and assisted two disabled vehicles, had one request for first aid and one fire call and checked two suspicious persons and two suspicious automobiles. They have observed the morning school bus many days and noticed no violations. Chief Garon warned residents that Wanda and her cohort are out of jail on bail.

There were six new building permits and four permit updates issued during January. These include three more new buildings, alterations and additions.

Fire Chief George Downes wrote the Fire Company responded to twelve calls, had three training drills and one regularly scheduled business meeting. Three of the calls were fires; an electrical fire in Bay Head, structure fires on Curtis Point Drive and at the Stewart Stand on Route 35 in Ocean Beach.

CFO Crelin reported the Mantoloking Budget will not be reviewed by the State, as the chief Financial Officer is authorized to review for items required by the New Jersey Administrative Code 5:30-7.6. The assessed valuation of the Borough has increased by $29.6 million to $449.3 million. The amount to be raised by taxes is $1.6 million, an increase of $106,402. The tax rate is increased by.0093.

Bills presented totaled $747,849.46 which included first quarter County taxes of $561,072 and $25,607 for 1999 County added assessment.

The following Resolutions were passed:

a. To change the March Council meeting to Tuesday, March 21st because
State law prohibits a public hearing on the municipal budget less than
28 days from its introduction date;

b. Introduction of the 2000 Municipal Budget;

j. through n. Approval of contracts for Killam Associates, Consulting
Engineers; Armour S. Hulsart and Co., Borough Auditors; Coastal
Advocate, Inc., Beach Restoration Lobbying; Sharp Elevator Co., Elevator
Maintenance and Base Automotive Supply, Speedometer Calibration;

o. Award sale of the 1997 Ford Police car to Grace Quality Used Cars
for $5,815.20;

q. Approve final As-Built Quantity Change Order No. 3 for Bay and
Princeton Avenues;

r. Remove Remington and Vernick Engineers as Assistant Borough Engineer
for 2000 and appoint Killam Associates;

t. Change beach badge seasonal rate to $8.00;

v. To consider the transfer of 1999 Budget

Appropriations in Reserve;

w. To order bulldozing to replenish the dune system beach-wide which
must be completed in the period of March 15th through April 1st.
Beachfront owners must comply;

x. To consider approval of CAFRA application of a general permit to
facilitate beach and dune repair as may become necessary;

y. To approve the revised Borough flag which will be solid dyed red
nylon with the design silk-screened on a circular white background. The
printing and the boat will be in black with the illusionary compass rose
and the"M" in red.

The following ordinances were passed by title only:

No. 411. Providing for the replacement of the Borough Hall roof
authorizing the issuance of $447,000 in bonds and notes;

No. 413. Providing for the paving of Lagoon Lane authorizing the
issuance of $116,800 in bonds and notes;

No. 414. To authorize the Mayor to provide, by regulation, for the
closing of streets or portions thereof, as he may deem necessary for
public safety, health or welfare (block party guidelines);

No. 415. Introduction of ordinance for the National Flood Insurance

Council discussed possible revisions of the Dog Ordinance, to mandate leashed dogs on the beach and maybe require Mantoloking dog licenses for ANYONE walking a dog on the beach. Councilman Husted would like to hear from you.

Mayor Dunbar met with the Ocean County engineer, Dick Lane, to have the speed limit reduced to 25 mph from the Bridge to Rt. 35 on Herberts St.; the new bridge won't be here until 2004-2005. The bridge now is undergoing $80,000 to repair damage caused by an recent accident, and $50,000 to fix the counter weight to allow the bridge to come down properly.

Councilman Popaca would like to hear from residents with any complaints about Comcast Cablevision, or any other utility services.

Council went into closed session. The next meeting will be Tuesday, March 21st at 8 pm.

Please let us know if your listing in the Mantoloking Directory is
correct, if you would like to continue to be listed as your are, or as
"Harrison, Jasmine and Jaspe", or another manner. Write, call 732
899-2386 or e-mail

The Reporter is compiled and edited by Christine Wilder.


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