Police Overtime Prior to Sandy and Resulting from Sandy

As promised, here is the overview of overtime from 2007-2013.  Due to superstorm Sandy, there was a large increase in overtime.  When reviewing the total hours worked, please keep in mind the following:

– our entire police, public works and volunteer fire dept and OEM dedicated an enormous amount of time during and following the storm;
– they did so at great personal sacrifice and expense (many of our employees live in Brick and were subject to flooding and the same issues that we experienced)
– we worked with FEMA and the State to make sure that we were able to use our employees as the primary source of police protection after the storm.  This guaranteed that we had people familiar with the community and it’s citizens acting as the point in any and all activities elated to recovery.  If our employees were unable to step up (which none refused to do) they would have been substituted with other law enforcement personnel from outside the borough, the county and even the state. This would have slowed our recovery down exponentially.
– The Borough submitted all overtime expenses to the state and FEMA for reimbursement.  There is a rigorous control in place for overtime expense.
– our employees that served us during our time of need and after were compensated for their work.  Work that was needed and honestly earned.