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June 7, 2021


Hello Everyone,


     I very much hope that you had a wonderful (albeit a bit warm) weekend. I have a couple of items to mention.

     I have said this before but want to underscore the fact that this is going to be a very busy summer in Mantoloking. We have a tremendous amount of building going on so there are a lot of contractors, and their equipment, in town. Our police department will be working with them to address issues such as off-loading material especially where parking can be difficult. Should you feel that assistance is needed please call dispatch at 732-295-1465 to make a report. Along these lines that number should be used for any non-emergency calls including trespassing, suspicious people, etc.. Typically our officers will respond quickly. Please keep this number handy at all times.

      I have received a number of inquiries about recent power outages over the last several days. Our representative from JCP&L tells me there are a number of reasons for this. It may be that when we lose power for just a few minutes that could be the result of the utility “balancing” draw from one substation to another. In another case a line disconnected in the south part of town and that took a few hours to repair. Upon occasion, especially in the summer, drivers will hit a utility pole during the course of an accident. This will also take hours to correct. There are a number of reasons we will lose power but typically this loss is quite brief.

      The Sheriff’s Department has contacted us about a new app that is available. It is called Smart911 and it will replace Nixle for those people who have been using that app.  When you download Smart911 and register you will receive all kinds of different information including traffic and weather alerts, beach issues, etc. I would strongly encourage you to put this app on your cell phone as it will provide important information on a timely basis.

      As we all know Barnegat Lane and East Avenue are very busy streets. I would ask bicyclists to ride carefully and please do not ride side by side and block cars trying to pass. That is irresponsible and unsafe. At the same time, drivers need to keep in mind that these streets are crowded at this time of the year and drive accordingly. At the end of the day, safety for all is paramount.

      Finally, regarding contractors, beginning June 15th they will no longer be permitted to work on Saturdays and their weekly hours will continue to be 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday. Landscapers will be allowed to work on Saturdays until noon with the same weekly hours as the contractors.


     That’s it for now. Take care.


     Lance White     Mayor


     Lance White

    Mayor of Mantoloking

    202 Downer Avenue

    PO Box 247

   Mantoloking, NJ 08738


   732-475-6983 Ext. 302

Cell- 732-664-1114

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