Route 35 Planting Update


  1. The 4 dead trees at the north end of the borough have been removed  by the DOT

and will be replanted by the DOT this Fall.


  1. The 3 dead trees at Williams Place will be removed and replanted by the DOT this Fall.


  1. Consistent  with DOT policy, homeowners can plant trees with NO  DOT participation

along their property on Route 35.  They will bear all liability for any damage to utility lines.


  1. Lastly, if the homeowner chooses to sign an entry form to allow the DOT entry to plant,

the DOT will consider planting Route 35 from Lyman to Downer on an individual basis.

Homeowners who wish to sign the entry form, can mail them to Alan Laymon at 1130 Barnegat Lane, Mantoloking, NJ 08738 for forwarding to the DOT.

Permission for Entry and Tree Work Form | Permission for Entry and Planting Form