USACE Beach Fill Update

As per Bob Mainberger –

The following is a condensed summary of activities related to the USACE Beachfill project as discussed at progress meeting #’s 22 (10/24) and 23(10/31):

  • Sand pumping was suspended from Sunday Oct 13 to Tuesday Oct 31 due to weather and wave events
  • Pumping will resume late today (10/31) or early tomorrow (11/1)
  • The contractor indicated the predication of nice weather and low winds for the next two weeks, with associated smaller surf conditions means that they can anticipate continued pumping and high production rates during this period pending any unforeseen problems, and they will be advancing southward at an increased rate. With anticipated pumping rates of up to 3,500 CYS per hour (from the previous meeting Weeks has indicated that they could potentially get between 12 to 16 hours of pumping in per day)
  • The NJDEP and USACE is discussing the experienced problems with the schedule, weather and recent erosion of the previously pumped area at USACE headquarters, since the minimal amount of beach pumped (300 LF of documented area completed) between the extended bad weather stretch has had an abnormal effect on the fill operations and the required continuous berm dimensions of the project area.
  • The westerly dune toe line and the CWL (work limit line, or easement line) has been staked out for Approx. 1,000 feet north of Herbert Street south to the end of the entire base bid area to allow visual identification of the work limits and potential interfering structures or existing vegetation that would be impacted by the work.
  • Plantings of property owners beach grass acquired through the County Program should be contained to areas west of CWL in the base bid areas , planting on the dunes to the north of the Base Bid area can be at the owner’s discretion due to the anticipated delay in implementing Option 11 work and anticipated Option 9 work (when awarded).
  • Weeks Marine indicted that there have been a lot of people looking to access Downer Ave. street end to see the work, but it is closed for safety concerns, they indicated that the Borough’s beach closed sign is obscured, Scott Hulse will review and indicated he has additional signs in the Public Works and will post another sign as needed. If you wish to see the work going on please access Princeton and go north or go to the 1107 walkway and go south.
  • There have been numerous surfers enjoying the point break created at the North end of the fill area, and some very close to the discharge pipe which may be a safety issue for them, Weeks Marine indicated they have no control of surfers once they are in the water, and they appear to be accessing the beach across private property outside of their controlled work area, Chief Ferris indicated she would review the situation. The Borough has ordered new “Keep off the Dune” signs to be able to hold people accountable for crossing private property.