Weekly Beach Replenishment Update

There is not much to report from the weekly progress meeting that took place yesterday. For those of you who might be numbers people the quantity of sand placed on the beach in the last week is 28,574 cubic yards and for the project to date it is 550,293 cubic yards. You will see that the cutter dredge is not here and that’s because it is out for repairs to a cable on the starboard side that snapped. It should be back by the middle of next week. Also, for those who are beach front owners you may see in a few locations devices for vibration monitoring. These are valuable instruments so they are chained to the nearest fixed object so as not to be stolen. If you have one on your property and have a concern please contact Stacy Ferris or myself. Letters were sent about this but these are periodically not received for different reasons. Hopefully, we will have good progress moving forward. – Councilman White