Urgent: Offshore Drilling a Threat to Mantoloking

URGENT: Notification from the Mantoloking Environmental Commission

Subject: Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program

If you live, or have visited Mantoloking, anywhere on the Jersey Shore, or anywhere along the US Atlantic coast and its estuaries, this is an important issue that we all need to take action on.

On January 4th, Ryan Zinke, the Secretary of Interior announced the next phase of President Trump’s new 5 year Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program. The plan includes opening the entire Atlantic Ocean from Maine to Florida for drilling including all of the Jersey Shore and New York’s South Shore to come within 3 miles of our beaches.


If this drilling is allowed there is a risk that it could greatly impact our environment, our community, tourism, and the economy of our town, the state of New Jersey, and every other town and coastal state from Maine to Florida.


It is important to raise our voices to communicate our opposition to this irresponsible action that can destroy our costal environment and our economy. This is an important environmental issue that has bi-partisan opposition. Former Governor Christy, Governors Murphy and Cuomo signed a resolution in opposition. Time is critical since all public comment on this issue must be submitted by March 9th.


The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is accepting online comments. Go to www.regulations.gov. In the center of the page is a blue box titled Search. Enter ID=BOEM-2017-0074-0001. Hit search. On the right side of the next page there is a blue box titled “Comment Now”. Click and enter your comments. Please note the comment checklist to insure your comments are most effective. Some points to consider include:


  • With the impact of climate change threatening, our Government should be investing in renewable energy sources (wind, solar, tide) rather than non-renewable fossil fuels
  • Oil and gas drilling will have a negative impact on our real estate values due to the threat of oil leaks, increased noise and light pollution, and the loss of clear ocean views. ( delete to loss of clear ocean views, and increased noise and light pollution.)
  • Oil and grass drilling have the potential to impact our natural resources including aquatic creatures, birds, and the quality of the water and air
  • Oil and gas drilling increases the probability of disasters including oil leaks, explosions, and consequent negative environmental impact as well as loss of life, especially during hurricanes and strong nor’easters. CL: I would move this to 2nd


We hope everyone in your family and everyone who has ever visited your house at the Shore writes a comment!! It’s so important, no matter your age.


There is going to be one BOEM Citizen Hearing & Public Meeting in the state of New Jersey on February 14th in at the Hilton Garden Inn, 800 US-130, Hamilton Township, NJ 08690. We will be organizing car pools. Contact Claudia Larsen @ environmental@mantoloking.org. delete my personal email address cjlarsendesign@aol.com.


For more information, go to CleanOceanAction.org. There you can find the Plan Overview, a Fact Sheet and a Sample Comment Template.


We need your help in opposing the proposed Off Shore Oil and Gas Drilling. Please take action to prevent this from happening. Make your voice count!