Beach Replenishment

The beach from just a bit south of Herbert to the Mantoloking/Brick
border has been replenished. Weeks Marine has flipped and is now
working it’s way north to complete the Base Bid at 1071 Ocean Avenue
which should happen the earlier part of March if all goes well. The
barge, R.S. Weeks, that has been here since the job began in October is
leaving to be replaced by the R.N. Weeks which is a hopper dredge. This
operates more like a tanker allowing it to go further offshore to
collect send and bring it to a point where it can be piped onshore. For
numbers people, 1,132,633 cubic yards of sand have been pumped onto the
beach and we have 2,400 feet until the base bid is compete to the north.
Downer and Herbert are closed to the public with Princeton,
Albertson and Mid-Block open.

Councilman White