Beach Replenishment Update from Bob Mainberger, Town Engineer

You will see below an update from Bob Mainberger on the schedule for
the remaining beach replenishment in Mantoloking. It appears that there will be no disruption for
lifeguards this season.

“* Beachfill operations in Brick proceeding north to the
Mantoloking Southern border with 2 hopper dredges offloading to Brick
with Approx. 1,800 ‘ to the Borough Line
* The 2 dredges will continue until Brick is completed and then 1
of the dredges will go into drydock for service for Approx. 60 days
* Estimated date to reach Mantoloking southern border offered by
Weeks Marine to be between at August 11 and August 19 inclusive of the
300’ transition section into Mantoloking.
* Berm width has been increased by 30’ in the last 2,000’ of
the Borough at our request to assure all material under the contract
base bid for Brick is pumped; the extended berm should allow sand
transport for the remainder of the summer season and early fall into
Mantoloking south end to balance material lost from the end effects at
southern end of the Mantoloking fill experienced as Brick was being
* My review of pumping rates in Brick to today’s date leads me
to believe that they will be done closer to the August 19th date and
then move to new location south of Lyman to initiate Mantoloking fill
from just south of Lyman toward the south to tie into the base bid area
north end at 1071 Ocean ; with an additional transition area 300’
south of that location.
* The majority of the piping material and equipment from Brick
will be run up the beach to the Lyman area during off hours and will be
accompanied by an advance safety team to assure no issues with any
persons potentially on the beach ( fisherman , Etc., ).
* Since one hopper dredge will go into dry dock , work on the
section of beach from Lyman south to the base bid area will be slower,
with an expected progress of about 50’ to 60’ per day , and with a
distance to complete in that section of almost 1,800’ that section
will take probably over 30 days to complete , meaning that there will
be no seasonal impact on the Borough’s lifeguarded beach at Lyman ,
but it will have to be moved just to the north to allow access over the
Lyman ramp for the contractor.
* The Borough’s Portable John at Lyman may have to be moved to
the North side of the ROW if the pedestrian traffic conflicts with the
contractor’s ramp activities , or potentially the demand will be gone
for the season and it may be able to be removed.
* The Borough pedestrian stairs on the North side of Lyman will
stay in service until the end of the season as a minimum , potentially
a while longer depending on the contractor’s progress.
* South Beach operations will not be effected this season
* We are reviewing impacts of the fill with oceanfront owners at
this time and will continue as the fill work progresses , so far we
expect minimal conflicts with the fill and the existing structure , but
some will be impacted. People are calling to discuss as advised by the
recent Borough web site posting , we are addressing on a case by case
* Oceanfront owners north of Lyman should experience no impact
from the fill work for this summer season as it will be mid to late
September before the contractor reaches Lyman.”

If you have any thoughts or questions please do not hesitate to let me
know let me know.

Thank you.
Councilman White