Public Safety Announcement

There is a condition in Mantoloking from Lyman Street running north to Bay Head that poses a hazard to pedestrians on the dunes in the area west of the dune crest. There have been incidents of sinkholes appearing in this area. Settling along the rock revetment has caused sinkholes to occur at or below the surface of the dune, creating a safety hazard.

The USACE, NJDEP and Borough are taking steps to expose and fill the Sink holes. The OEM recommends that individuals stay out of the area. If it is necessary to enter into the dune area, individuals are advised to proceed with caution.  Please note, there is still a chance that some sinkholes will be created in the future, in the privately owned dune west of the NJDEP easement area. These sinkholes will be the sole responsibility of the private property owners to correct to assure safe conditions on their properties.